headache after massage

Preventing Headache After Massage

Massage can both lower tension and encourage relaxation. In some cases it has also caused severe headache after massage. Read more.

yoga mom

Becoming A Yoga Mom: Yoga for Moms

Mothers, taking out time from your busy days is important for you to reset and restore, yoga can help you relax and stay healthy. Becoming a yoga mom will allow you to do that, because only if you grow, can you nurture those around you well

How To Do Pincha Mayurasana At Home

Pincha Mayurasana – Step-By-Step Guide

Pincha Mayurasana, also known as Forearm Balance or Feathered Peacock Pose will help the body by relaxing the mind, and strengthening arm.

how to clean a yoga mat

Top 4 Tips On How to Clean A Yoga Mat?

At home, you can clean or disinfect yoga mats with a similar remedy to what most yoga studios and gyms use.

brahmari pranayama


Pranayama yoga increases the capacity of the lungs, brings more oxygen into the body, and activates all the cells of the body. Although pranayama is associated with breath, it is channelised energy that regulates both the mindful and insensible functions of the body.

cork yoga mat

The Smart Way To Clean A Cork Yoga Mat

Here are some of the smart ways to keep your cork yoga mat clean.

benefits of naked yoga

What are the benefits of Naked Yoga?

The term “naked yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit term “nagna yoga” or “vivastra yoga.” It is a type of yoga that is done without the use of clothing.