Top 4 Tips On How to Clean A Yoga Mat?

Why A Yoga Mat Is Needed

A yoga mat benefits your practice in multiple ways. Yoga mats are an important accessory in yoga practice whether inside or outdoors. It is ideal for practicing yoga and other forms of exercise.

Whether you go to a regional studio or practice at home, having a quality yoga mat that offers the right kind of support is essential.

There are different types of yoga mats depending on the objective for which they are manufactured. There are various factors to consider, including portability, grip and feel, covering and density, and all-around worth.

Most yoga mats are made of PVC or vinyl. In recent years, many environment-friendly options have become available, containing natural cork, organic cotton, and recycled rubber, that do not do any harm to the body as well as the planet.

how to clean a yoga mat

How to Clean a Yoga Mat?

Cleanliness or chasteness is one of the niyamas that yogis practice on and off the mat. Personalised surface cleaning and disinfection play an important part.

A quick clean after each practice or once a week, and an annual deep clean will keep your yoga mat fresh and free of odours. No matter how clean the bottom of the gymnasium, home, or yoga studio is, there is a chance of infection. Make sure to use your yoga mat to protect yourself from bacteria. So it is important to know how to cleanse a yoga mat.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Yoga Mat At Home?

At home, you can clean or disinfect yoga mats with a similar remedy to what most yoga studios and gyms use. Some yoga mats can be washed by hand in cold water and mild cleanser, while others can be tidied in the washing machine in a cold, gentle process.

Each type of yoga mat needs a unique way of cleaning. The mats from Lululemon, Manduka, and others can be cleaned by yourself at home.

How to Clean a Lululemon Yoga Mat?

Lululemon yoga mats are known for their durability as they are thick, well-cushioned, and worth the money, making them an ideal yoga mat for practice. Lululemon mats are made of natural rubber, similar to manduka.

lululemon yoga mat

There are various ways to clean your Lululemon mat at home, either with a ready-to-use or DIY cleanser.

How to Clean a Manduka Yoga Mat?

The yoga mats from Manduka are one of the best and grippiest. Their mats have a good base which is made of natural resources. It is used by many fitness and yoga enthusiasts worldwide. It lasts longer and is easy to maintain. It needs special and gentle cleaning like other yoga mats.

manduka yoga mat

Here are some smart ways to keep your Lululemon, Manduka, and other yoga mats clean.

1. Use a damp cloth to clean your yoga mat.

The best way to clean any type of yoga mat is to use cold or warm water on a soft cloth. Clean the yoga mat using a washcloth or handkerchief that is moist with water to wipe it off, rather than using harsh items like rough sponges, scrub pads, or paper tissues, which will break down and leave pieces all over your mat. Soft microfiber cloths are gentle and will not damage your mat. Smoothly wipe down the yoga mat with the damp cloth and also let it air dry before you roll it up and put it down. The mat will stay clean.

2. To clean the yoga mat, use disinfectant or sanitizer wipes.

A wipe will make the job as simple as possible while leaving no sticky residue. To keep your yoga mat looking clean, use disinfecting or sanitising wipes every two days. Wipes also eliminate bacteria, dust, and body sweat from all types of yoga mats. Choose safe wipes, made from natural constituents like vinegar and essential oils of herbs like lemon, lavender, or tea tree.

3. Use essential oils to keep your mat clean.

Essential oils similar to lavender, rose, or tea tree oil are much less harsh for any type of yoga mat. You can also add some other essential oils—lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Make sure to choose 100 pure essential oils, from a trusted brand, to avoid any harsh chemicals that can affect your skin and damage your yoga mat. Pour the water into a bowl. Additionally, pour about two drops of essential oil that has the kind of scent you like. Use it to clean the yoga mat with a soft cloth.

Essential oils also encourage a calm and soothing state of being. It reduces stress and promotes inner clarity. They smell nice and keep your mat squeaky clean.

4. Natural products or mild cleansers to keep your yoga mat clean.

It is better to use natural products to clean yoga mats than to use harsh chemicals like cleansers and detergents. Choose a cleanser that does not contain phosphate or alcohol, so it will not damage your yoga mat.

Several yoga mat cleansers can be found in many yoga studios or online. There are chemical products as well as organic cleansers. It is better to choose an organic cleanser or use a handcrafted cleanser, soap, or fruit or vegetable wash that is made of all-natural constituents because it tends to be a bit milder than other types of detergents available on the market. Vinegar mixed with water in an equal quantity can be used to clean a yoga mat since it is a natural cleaning agent.

How To Make A Homemade Natural Cleanser For Cleaning A Yoga Mat At Home

You can make a natural cleanser for your yoga mat using purifying and calming essential oils rather than picking up an expensive cleaning product that contains harsh and poisonous chemicals that can wear down the yoga mats and break down the material.

Here is what you need to make a DIY natural yoga mat cleaner. –

3/4 mug of distilled water

1/4 mug of vinegar or witch hazel.

2-4 drops of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils.

You may also add a small quantity of bicarbonate of soda.

Combine all the constituents in a reusable spray bottle and shake well before each use. You can also dip a cloth into this mixture and clean the mat with it.

All of these possess their own benefits with pleasing aromas, which will leave the yoga mat neat. Each essential oil has its own properties like antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal, which are safe to disinfect and kill bacteria and fungi present on a yoga mat.

Vinegar is a natural cleanser. An alternative to vinegar is witch hazel, which has antiseptic and astringent properties that can help remove oil and dirt from your yoga mat. Trusted source

How Frequently Should You Clean a Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats, depending upon the material and use, can accumulate dirt. Weekly sanitising is greatly recommendable. Your body releases sweat on the area of your yoga mat each time you use it. Bacteria can develop on certain exteriors with time. Clean your yoga mat after a rigorous, sweaty practice or whenever you feel it needs to be done.

At a minimum, biweekly, sanitizer your yoga mat according to the directions using an organic and natural cleaning product. You do not need to overly sanitize your mat if you exercise at home.

How To Take Care Of A Yoga Mat?

Avoid drenching the yoga mats that are made out of natural resources like cork and other materials in water, as they absorb a lot of water and become tough to dry. Some of the yoga mats can be washed in a machine, but cork yoga mats are not machine washable. Cleaning a cork yoga mat needs special care.

Avoid putting heavy items on top of your mat while keeping it to maintain its good shape.

Keep your feet and hands clean before beginning yoga practice.

Regularly preserving the yoga mat after each use can make it last longer. Wipe the dirt, sweat, and oils with a soft cloth or a wipe. Wipe in one direction and clean both sides of the mat.

Precisely run a vacuum cleaner with a run-in attachment on the mat in circuitous movements to take off a reasonable quantum of dust.

Do not over-clean. Over-cleaning can induce the yoga mats to wear out faster.

Always keep your yoga mat in a bag or shade. Keep your yoga mat away from the heat and sunshine. The UV beams can dry out the mat and make it rigid or crisp. Store your yoga mat in a dry and cool place.

While rolling your yoga mat, first fold it in half so the top exterior is facing itself, to avoid transferring bottom dirt to the side you exercise on. Use the recommendations handed out by the yoga mat manufacturer.

It is always better to choose a darker-colored yoga mat to make the mat look good for a longer time. The mats with lighter shades can show dirt, wear and tear much sooner than the darker ones.

Keeping your yoga mat clean and taking good care of your mat will make it last longer and conserve its natural grip.

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