Who is the lady squatting in Airbnb?

In the realm of rental disputes and Airbnb controversies, one name has recently taken center stage: Elizabeth Hirschhorn. Dubbed “the lady squatting in Airbnb,” Ms. Hirschhorn has become synonymous with a prolonged residency that has raised eyebrows and sparked legal battles. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind this enigmatic figure and explore the intricacies of her unconventional tenure in a luxurious Los Angeles guesthouse booked through Airbnb

Who is the Lady Squatting in Airbnb? Unveiling the Enigmatic Elizabeth Hirschhorn

The saga of Elizabeth Hirschhorn, a US woman accused of squatting for over a year and half in a luxurious Los Angeles guesthouse booked through Airbnb, has finally come to an end after 575 days of rent-free living. This article delves into the intricate details surrounding this unusual case, from the initial booking to the eventual eviction, shedding light on the legal complexities and personal stakes involved.

Booking and Arrival

Ms. Hirschhorn’s journey began innocuously enough when she booked a six-month stay at a $3.5 million property’s luxury guesthouse. However, what was intended as a temporary arrangement turned into a prolonged residency as she refused to vacate the premises even after her initial lease expired in September 2021.

The Landlord’s Perspective

Landlord Sascha Jovanovic, perplexed by Ms. Hirschhorn’s refusal to leave, found himself embroiled in a legal and logistical quagmire. Despite numerous attempts to negotiate her departure, including offering $100,000 for relocation costs, Mr. Jovanovic faced resistance at every turn. Moreover, Ms. Hirschhorn allegedly prevented him from accessing the unit to address necessary repairs and code compliance issues.

Legal Hurdles

Compounding the situation were the legal intricacies of tenancy laws in Los Angeles. Due to the property’s lack of proper licensing as a rental on Airbnb and Ms. Hirschhorn’s continuous occupancy exceeding six months, eviction under the city’s “Just Cause” ordinance became a formidable challenge. This ordinance, designed to protect tenants from arbitrary eviction, required justifiable cause and mandated relocation assistance for no-fault evictions.

Escalation and Litigation

As tensions mounted between the two parties, lawsuits were filed in pursuit of resolution. However, Mr. Jovanovic’s attempts to evict Ms. Hirschhorn faced setbacks, with the eviction case ultimately dismissed voluntarily. Despite this, legal proceedings concerning damages against Ms. Hirschhorn remain ongoing, underscoring the protracted nature of the dispute.

Resolution and Relief

who is the lady squatting in Airbnb

Finally, after an arduous legal battle spanning over a year, Ms. Hirschhorn was escorted out of the property by police, marking the conclusion of her tenure as an unauthorized occupant. Mr. Jovanovic expressed relief and optimism at the prospect of reclaiming his property, emphasizing the emotional toll and uncertainty endured throughout the ordeal.

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Future Implications

As the dust settles on this contentious episode, questions linger regarding Ms. Hirschhorn’s future intentions and the broader implications for property owners and tenants alike. While the immediate aftermath sees the landlord changing locks to prevent unauthorized reentry, the specter of unresolved legal disputes looms large, casting a shadow over the prospect of closure.


The case of Elizabeth Hirschhorn serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the complexities and pitfalls inherent in rental arrangements, particularly within the context of evolving legal frameworks and tenant protections. As stakeholders grapple with the aftermath of this saga, lessons must be gleaned to inform future actions and preempt similar conflicts, ensuring a harmonious balance between property rights and tenant welfare in the realm of short-term rentals.

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