Judge Frank Caprio’s Inspirational Fight: Embraced with a Project Purple Blanket in Cancer Battle

Frank Caprio, a beloved traffic judge in Rhode Island, disclosed that he had been given a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

The actor of the reality TV series Caught in Providence revealed his diagnosis on Wednesday in an emotional video that he shared on Instagram. His birthday is usually “one of the happiest days of the year for me,” therefore he shared the news around his birthday last month.

The 87-year-old Caprio remarked, “This birthday is a little different than any other I have ever had.” “I had a medical examination recently since I wasn’t feeling well, and the results weren’t favorable. Consequently, I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a sneaky kind of the disease.”

Throughout his fight with illness, Judge Frank Caprio is receiving support from a nonprofit group.

Caprio revealed his illness in a moving video last week, and the pancreatic cancer community is supporting him. Project Purple aims to find a cure and enhance the lives of pancreatic cancer patients.

Rhode Island native Sam DaCosta, the Project Purple Marketing Manager, stated that the team began putting up a care package for him as soon as they saw it.

DaCosta remarked, “Judge Caprio and the work he has done have made us Rhode Islanders very proud.”

“There is a purpose behind the murals and other artwork honoring him. He is a representation of integrity, kindness, optimism, and compassion, according to DaCosta. “Judge Caprio’s presence on social media has been an inspiration to so many, including myself, to treat others with kindness and do the right thing in a world where people ‘go viral’ for what are frequently the wrong reasons.”

After almost 40 years of service to Providence, Caprio had just celebrated his 87th birthday with his family when he walked in for a check-up.

He disclosed receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

In the video, Caprio added, “I would ask each of you, in your own way, to please pray for me.”

Despite being “heartbroken” by the news, DaCosta expressed happiness over Caprio donning the symbolic purple.

A purple fleece blanket is included in the care packages to keep cancer patients warm during chemotherapy.

While he gets ready to battle cancer, Caprio informed his fans that the love and support he has already gotten “means the world to me.” Then, his expression became more intense, and he covered his face with both hands.

“SAY A PRAYER… Your help will give me the strength to fight this health battle,” he captioned the video.

Since 1985, Caprio has presided over Providence Municipal Court as a judge. Known for his compassionate demeanor in the courtroom, he starred in the Daytime Emmy-nominated series Caught in Providence in 2021.

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