What Are Cat Eyelash Extensions

The styling options for eyelash extensions are virtually limitless—from basic cat eyelash extensions to the ever-popular doll eyelash extensions, each style is tailored to your specific eye.

cat eyelash extensions

The most important rule in beauty and fashion is to be to do what is best for you and to embrace your own figure. But first, we have to find it—and don’t worry, you don’t have to go to Sephora or ask your mother what shape her eye is. Four simple questions will help you establish your eye shape and the best extension style for you.

Are Cat Eyelash Extensions For You?

Do you have a crease on your face?

If you answered no, your shape is a monolid. Continue reading if you have a crease.

Are the corners of your eyes above or below the line when a line is drawn through the middle of your eyes?

If they are higher than this line, you have tilted eyes. Your eyes are downturned if they fall below this line. If they’re still in the middle, it’s time to ask another question!

We see you have a crease. Can you notice your crease if you look at yourself in the mirror straight on?

Your eyes are hooded if you can’t. If you are able, proceed to the next question.

Do you notice the whites of your eyes around the iris when your eyelids are closed?

You have round eyes if you can always see the white of your eyes! Otherwise, your eyes are almond-shaped.

It really is that simple! Now that we know the form of your eyes, we can pair them with some lashes that are just right for you. Of course, at Lady Lash, we love to experiment—if there’s a shape you’ve been wanting to try, we’ll give it a shot! However, for the greatest possible fit, here is a simple guide.

What Are Doll Eyelash Extensions

This look features shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners, with longer lashes running down the centre of the eye. This is a terrific style for people with monolids, hooded eyes, or almond eyes since it provides a flattering opened-up aspect and brightens up the face.

What Are Cat Eyelash Extensions

The classic cat eyelash extensions contains shorter lengths gradually lengthening to long lashes on the corner of the eyes—mimicking the shape of winged liner! The cat balances out the eye shape and offers a seductive look, making it ideal for folks with round eyes. Upturned or downturned eyes, on the other hand, should seek elsewhere; the cat eye can make these eye forms appear smaller and unattractive.

The Style Of Cat Eyes

The cat eye look has really been around for quite some time, but it has gotten a fresh lease on life thanks to eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Audrey Hepburn popularised the cat eye design in the 1960s with her trendy eyeglasses from Breakfast at Tiffany’s! When people talk about the “cat eye style,” they usually mean a contour that ends in a sharp point, like the edge of a cat’s eye. The interior is wider and meets the outer edge with a sharp point. Cat eye lashes are often defined as shorter length lashes on the inside of the eyelid that progressively taper out to longer lashes on the outside. The eyelashes form a sharp point on the edge, like the structure of a cat’s eye.

What Makes People Adore Cat Eyelash Extensions?

So, what exactly is it about feline-themed extensions that people adore? Is it just a fashion trend? Is the style more utilitarian in some way? We’re delighted to report that cat eyelash extensions not only appear beautiful (and are ageless), but they also help to establish structure and form around the eyes! When done by a competent eyelash artist, the look is spectacular! Cat eyelash extensions are both sharp and seductive. They’re ideal for a night out in a club or cocktail lounge because they strike the ideal balance of polished flair and wild fun! Just keep in mind that these extensions require more touch-ups and care. Because the lashes are longer at the ends, they are heavier, which increases the likelihood of their coming off.

What Kinds Of Facial Structures Work Best For These Extensions?

Cat eyelash extensions have the capacity to extend the eye while also lifting the lashes. Cat eyelash extensions are ideal for generating sharper outlines and elongation for persons with round eyes, close-set eyes, or round faces; they can even help someone’s face appear smaller!

Reasons To Choose Cat Eyelash Extensions

1. It adds an appeal to those with round eyes
Because it provides a more almond shape, it is ideal for you if you have round eyes.

2. Brightens downturned and deep set eyes.
Deep set eyes frequently appear tired and melancholy. These additions make things appear more open and less shaded.

3. Close-set eyes look best.
Cat lashes visually lengthen the lash line, increasing the space between the eyes.

4. Permits the concealment of early signs of ageing.
The first creases around the eyes, for example. You can look younger and more vibrant.

5. Produces a lifting impact.
Your face will appear slimmer after this beautification surgery.

6. Compatible with eyeliner.
You no longer need to apply eyeliner every morning because the extension of the eyelashes towards the outer corners creates the illusion that you’ve already applied eye makeup.

7. Aids in balancing the lower half of the face.
For example, lash stylists can use these extensions to visibly soften the jawline and the prominent chin, balancing the overall facial appearance.


Eyelash extensions require upkeep and might be costly.

To avoid issues such as infection, it is critical that your lashes be applied by a licensed lash clinician in a hygienic atmosphere.

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