Pornography Addiction – Is There Hope?

Pornography addiction is defined as a person’s emotional dependence on pornography to the extent that it interferes with their everyday life, relationships, and capacity to function. What we are trying to answer today is “Pornography Addiction Is There Hope”.

This form of addiction is very frequent. Some doctors classify porn addiction as a hypersexual disease, which encompasses behaviors such as excessive masturbation.

According to a 2019 study, the percentage of these illnesses may be around 3-6 percent. However, due to a lack of formal classification, determining the rates has proven problematic.

We have always dealt with the controversy around pornography.

Some are uninterested in it, while others are highly offended by it. Others do it on occasion, while others do it on a daily basis.

It all comes down to personal preference and decision.

It is crucial to note that the American Psychiatric Association does not accept “porn addiction” as an official diagnosis (APA). However, having an overwhelming want to watch porn can be just as troublesome for some individuals as other behavioral addictions.

pornography addiction is there hope

Is Pornography Addiction For Real?

Because people may be hesitant to discuss it, it’s difficult to determine how many people regularly love porn or find it tough to avoid.

According to a Kinsey Institute poll, 9 percent of persons who watch porn have attempted unsuccessfully to stop. This poll was conducted in 2002.

Since then, accessing porn has grown considerably easier thanks to the internet and streaming services.

If watching porn has become a problem, this ease of access makes it more difficult to stop.

If you’re wondering if your excessive pornography use has progressed to the point of addiction, keep an eye out for the top six signs of porn addiction.

6 Signs Of Pornography Addiction

1. You Just Can’t Stop

Despite your best efforts, you are unable to quit consuming or viewing pornography. If you can’t stop yourself, you may realize that you’re spending more and more time on the internet, despite attempts by others to contact you.

2. You Crave More

If you have been away from porn for an extended period of time, you may suffer cravings. You could feel yourself fleeing to another room from your lover. When questioned about your actions, you may provide an excuse or become defensive.

3. You Don’t Feel Like Having Sex

If you are addicted to porn, you will probably lose interest in actual sex. Not only that, but you can find your mate less appealing than previously. You may become unresponsive to your partner’s love advances. When your spouse tries to engage in sexual activity with you, they may see you as aloof or even indifferent. You might need more stimulation than you used to in order to become aroused.

4. You Are Not Interested In Your Partner Anymore

Porn addiction can lead to excessive expectations about your partner’s appearance. This might make your spouse feel insecure about their appearance and worsen their self-esteem.

5. You Are Not Focused

If you find yourself distracted from many facets of life, it might be due to porn addiction. When you’re among friends, relatives, or coworkers, your thoughts may go to porn. This can have a tremendous influence on both personal and professional life. It may cause you to become estranged from your partner and their attempts to connect with you.

You are always thinking of Porn while sleeping or working or talking with your friends.

6. You Lose Your Temper Sooner

If you can’t stop watching porn, you may become quickly irritated when it’s not available. You may find your tolerance running thin, especially when it comes to duties that you regard as impediments to porn consumption. This can also make it easy to strike out at your spouse, who may notice significant changes in your personality and believe you’re not the same person they once loved.

pornography addiction

When Should You Consult A Doctor or Therapist?

If a person has any of the following symptoms, he or she should consult a doctor:

  • They have difficulty getting orgasms after intercourse with a partner.
  • They have increased sexual dysfunction, such as difficulty keeping an erection or lubrication before intercourse.
  • Sex becomes excruciating.
  • They are or have been addicted to something else.
  • They have anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, or other mental health problem.

Treatment For Pornography Addiction

There is hope for pornography addiction for sure.


If you suspect you have a compulsion or addiction, you should seek an examination from a mental health expert. This may be especially beneficial if you also suffer from anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Seek out a therapist who has had sex therapy training. Kort adds, “You’ll be able to focus on understanding why you’re pulled to porn in the first place.” Maybe that’s typical for you, but it doesn’t work in your current relationship or marriage. Perhaps it contradicts your religious views and is causing you stress.

Your therapist may offer solo, group, or family counseling depending on how porn affects your life.

Be careful of therapists that claim to “specialize” in pornography diagnosis and therapy. It’s impossible to “specialize” in an illness that doesn’t have a professionally agreed-upon diagnosis of well-defined diagnostic criteria.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is a type of therapy that assists patients in replacing maladaptive habits. It is a psychotherapy technique based on operant conditioning principles. According to research, it has long-term impacts and can assist persons in reaching therapeutic milestones. Depending on a person’s goals, they can learn to control and even quit excessively watching porn over time. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a prominent type of behavior change (CBT). According to the American Psychological Association, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be more successful than drugs and other forms of psychotherapy.

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Many folks find comfort in discussing with others who have gone through the same thing.

Inquire with your primary care physician, a mental health professional, or a local hospital about pornography or sexual addiction support groups.

Here are some other sources you may find helpful:


An underlying condition can sometimes trigger porn addiction. Co-occurring disorders are frequent in persons with the illness. Medication-assisted therapy is a helpful resource for addressing the issue (MAT). MATs are medications that have been authorized by the FDA and are combined with counseling or behavioral therapy. It is a successful therapy for a variety of substance abuse and psychiatric illnesses. Medication does not maintain a patient’s rehabilitation on its own, but it is a wonderful resource when combined with other therapy.


Whether or not pornography is addictive in the conventional medical sense, excessive viewing can lead to major difficulties.

Although the roots of pornography addiction are debated, therapy generally includes treating an underlying issue, which might be related to mental health. Simple lifestyle modifications can assist some people.

Receiving therapy from a sex-positive therapist who can identify underlying issues and give evidence-based treatment techniques can assist a person in improving their relationships and regaining control over their pornography use.

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