Egyptian Lawyer Sues Netflix Over “Queen Cleopatra” Depiction

A legal action has been taken against Netflix by an Egyptian attorney in response to the teaser for the upcoming film “Queen Cleopatra.” The Egyptian lawyer sues netflix demanding that the well-known streaming service Netflix be shut down, claiming that the movie wrongly depicts the real Greek character as a woman with dark skin, a portrayal that has sparked controversy and anger in Egypt.

In addition to being historically incorrect the attorney claims that the image is disrespectful to the Egyptian people. Egypt Independent reports state that Mahmoud al-Semary has filed a lawsuit with the Public Prosecutor, requesting that the documentary’s creators and Netflix management be held accountable for their roles in what he calls “this crime.”

According to the complaint, the information that is shown on the Netflix website goes against Islamic and social norms, especially those that are prevalent in Egypt. According to Greek City Times, the documentary is accused of promoting Afrocentrism, a social media perspective that distorts and erases Egyptian identity through its slogans and content.

“In order to preserve the Egyptian national and cultural identity among Egyptians all over the world… we ask and seek you to take the necessary legal measures against this platform,” the complaint says, addressing the Public Prosecution. It demands that broadcasts of works that aim to destroy and pervert the Egyptian identity be stopped, particularly those that show films that fabricate and misrepresent Egypt’s history. The case seeks to address concerns about the impact of such content on the nation’s cultural heritage.

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