‘DEMON’ Anthony Orlich Lawyer Fired From Firm For Wig Snatching Incident

Anthony Orlich lawyer is fired from his firm for his disrespectful actions towards a Black woman. Lizzy Ashliegh posted a TikTok video accusing Anthony Orlich of forcibly removing her wig in New York City, an act that not only resulted in his termination but also prompted Ashliegh to file a police report against him.

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In the video, Ashliegh questioned Orlich about his actions, demanding an explanation for why he thought it was acceptable to snatch her wig. Despite her repeated inquiries, Orlich remained silent. The video gained widespread attention, accumulating over half a million views, with viewers urging Ashliegh to pursue charges against the attorney. It is reported that Ashliegh did, indeed, file a police report with the NYPD, alleging misdemeanor assault and claiming a minor neck injury, although she declined medical attention during the report filing.

Orlich’s friends attempted to persuade him to apologize in the video, but their efforts were futile. Internet users took matters into their own hands, discovering Orlich’s employment at Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP. Outraged supporters of Ashliegh bombarded the law firm with calls and emails, demanding action.

By May 30, Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP updated its LinkedIn profile, confirming Orlich’s departure. The statement acknowledged a non-work-related incident involving one of their associates and emphasized their commitment to addressing inappropriate behavior, leading to Orlich’s termination. Orlich learned the hard way that his harmful behavior towards a Black woman resulted in the loss of his job.

In the end, Anthony Orlich’s swift termination from his position at Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP serves as a fitting consequence for his reprehensible actions. The public outcry and support for Lizzy Ashliegh, coupled with the formal police report she filed, underscore the severity of Orlich’s misconduct. His failure to provide any reasonable explanation for snatching a woman’s wig, coupled with the refusal to apologize, further solidifies the notion that such behavior is intolerable.

The collective response, both online and in the professional sphere, sends a clear message that individuals who engage in harmful and disrespectful actions will face the repercussions they rightfully deserve. Orlich’s termination stands as a stark reminder that society does not tolerate actions that demean and violate the rights of others, especially when it involves a blatant disregard for basic decency and respect.

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