Biden’s Immigration Reform Nightmare: Cities on the Verge of Collapse!

In 1883, Emma Lazarus penned the iconic words that welcomed immigrants to America, but today, the landscape has dramatically changed. The once-independent arrivals are now seeking a helping hand, and the consequences are hitting cities hard due to the new immigration reform.

President Biden’s open-border policies are putting cities like New York on the brink of disaster. Mayor Adams, after a futile plea for federal assistance, warns that the overwhelming influx of migrants could spell doom for the city’s resources.

Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and more are feeling the pinch as the president turns a blind eye to their struggles. In Chicago, Democratic tensions rise as the burden intensifies, with threats to disrupt the Democratic National Convention next summer.

The immigration surge is breaking records, surpassing even the historic waves of the late 19th century. While immigration itself isn’t the issue, Biden’s policies favor destitute migrants over skilled contributors to the economy.

The Southern border witnessed a record-breaking 12,000 crossings in a single day, yet Biden’s focus remains on welcoming those who may strain social services rather than those who can bolster the economy.

Former President Trump’s sensible policies are now reversed, with Biden’s administration prioritizing family-based migration, despite the strain on taxpayers. A shocking 55% of immigrant-headed households rely on welfare programs.

Biden’s proposed “reform” raises eyebrows, particularly with the expansion of the diversity lottery. While Canada seeks Ph.D.s, Biden prioritizes diversity over skills. Senators Cramer and Hickenlooper’s bill suggests a skills-based approach, a potential lifeline for struggling cities.

As cities teeter on the edge, it’s time for Americans to demand change. Will Schumer and Gillibrand support a skills-based approach, or will the status quo prevail? The battle for immigration reform rages on, and your city’s future hangs in the balance!

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