Mike Hilgers Attorney General: A Profile of Nebraska’s Attorney General and Legislative Leader

Meet Mike Hilgers who is a distinguished American businessman, lawyer, and politician and currently holds the esteemed position of Nebraska’s 34th Attorney General. This post provides a detailed look at Hilgers’ journey from his early life to his success in the legal field and his impactful role in Nebraska’s political landscape.

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From Business to Politics: The Journey of Mike Hilgers

Early Years: Hilgers, who was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 25, 1978, completed his education at Omaha Creighton Preparatory School in 1997. He graduated from Baylor University with an Economics Degree in 2001. With his wife Heather and their four children, Alice, Elsie, Clara Jane, and Michael Jr., Hilgers currently makes his home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Legal and Business Career: Hilgers began a distinguished legal career upon his graduation from the University of Chicago Law School, where he was an editor of the Law Review. At the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, he gained invaluable expertise while serving as Senior Judge Edith Brown Clement’s judicial clerk. After that he worked for a number of well-known legal businesses, such as Fish & Richardson and an international intellectual property law firm.

Notably, Hilgers established the highly successful legal practice Hilgers Graben. The company was listed as one of the fastest growing firms in the nation by Inc. magazine for three years. With the pinnacle being recognized as the fastest-growing private company in Lincoln in 2018.

Legislative Leadership: Mike Hilgers as Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature

Political Career: Hilgers began his political career in 2017 when he was elected as a Republican to the Nebraska Legislature, serving as the 21st district’s representative until 2023. As the first Speaker from Lincoln since 1977–1978, he held the position of Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature from January 6, 2021, until January 4, 2023.

Committee Assignments and Legislative Achievements: Hilgers achieved a great deal of progress in the legislature during his tenure. He was a key figure in determining the legislative goals of the 107th Legislature as Speaker. In addition, he oversaw the Rules Committee in the 105th Legislature and the Executive Board of the Legislative Council in the 106th Legislature.

His legislative accomplishments include spearheading the expedited construction of the South Beltway and advocating for the expansion of direct primary care, broadband access, and streamlining road construction.

Family and Early Life: The Personal Side of Mike Hilgers

Personal Details: Beyond the political arena Hilgers values family life. He lives in Lincoln with his wife Heather and four children Alice, Elsie, Clara Jane, and Michael Jr.

Nebraska’s Attorney General: Mike Hilgers’ Vision for the Future

Current Role: As the current Attorney General of Nebraska, Hilgers continues to shape the legal and political trajectory of the state. This section explores his vision for the future, detailing the initiatives and priorities he aims to address in his role.

Behind the Scenes: Mike Hilgers’ Role in Transformative Water Projects

Legislative Initiatives: Highlighted in this section is Hilgers’ role as the Chairman of the State Tourism and Recreation Water Access Resources (STAR WARS) Special Committee. Created by LB406, this committee focuses on studying transformative water and tourism projects around Nebraska.

Building Nebraska’s Infrastructure: Mike Hilgers and Expedited Construction

Legislative Priorities: A closer look at Hilgers’ commitment to infrastructure development, with a focus on his introduction and prioritization of LB616. This bill aimed to expedite the construction of the South Beltway, showcasing Hilgers’ dedication to efficient and cost-effective infrastructure projects.


In conclusion, Mike Hilgers stands as a multifaceted leader, combining a successful legal career, business acumen, and a notable political journey. His roles as Nebraska’s Attorney General and former Speaker of the Legislature reflect a commitment to public service and a vision for a thriving Nebraska.

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