Toby Keith is Feeling ‘Pretty Good’ About Stomach Cancer Recovery — Maybe Good Enough to Perform

Toby Keith, the country music star, is feeling "pretty good" about his recovery from stomach cancer. He has been undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for the past year and a half.

Keith told The Oklahoman that he is "in a real positive trend" and that he expects his tumor to be even smaller at his next scan. He is also feeling more energetic and is considering performing full-length shows again soon.

Keith was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2021. He has not released any details about the specific type of cancer he has or the stage of his diagnosis.

Keith is a popular country music singer who has released 19 studio albums. He has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards and 14 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Keith has been open about his cancer diagnosis and treatment on social media. He has also encouraged his fans to get regular cancer screenings.

Keith is married to Tricia Lucus and they have three children.

Keith's cancer diagnosis has been a challenge for him and his family, but he has said that they are "fighting like hell".

Keith is hopeful that he will be able to return to the stage soon. He said that he is "ready to get back to work".

Keith's fans have been supportive of him during his cancer battle. They have sent him messages of love and encouragement on social media.

Keith is an inspiration to many people. He is a reminder that cancer is not a death sentence and that it is possible to beat the disease.