CAN pistachios help you sleep?

Don't Believe Everything

Social media info can be misleading. We're tackling the pistachio-sleep connection.

Nutrient-Packed Snack

Pistachios pack protein, good fats, and fiber. Tryptophan teams up for sleep magic.

Vitamins & Stress

Pistachios contain B vitamins that regulate sleep patterns and reduce stress.

Just the Right Bite

A handful (28g) of pistachios, plus crackers, might cozy up your sleep.

Your Sleep Recipe

Pistachios can be a sleep hero sometimes, but not an everyday routine to make you sleep.

Balance is Key

Pistachios could help snooze, but don't go nuts.  A consistent sleep routine, limited screen time before bed, and a calming environment are vital for good sleep.

Sleep Tailored for You

Pistachios + your vibes = potential sleep buddy. Listen to your body.

The Final Scoop

Pistachios + sleep = unique blend. It's all about your snooze preferences.

Wrapping Up

Pistachios might add a sleep edge. Blend well for your sleep smoothie.

Rest Easy

Balance pistachios, routines, and dreams for a sleep-filled adventure.