Online Liquor Store Warning: PLCB Cautions Against Pittsburgh-Based Site

PITTSBURGH — The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is issuing a stern warning about the authenticity of an online liquor store claiming to operate from Pittsburgh. has raised suspicions, prompting the PLCB to caution consumers against using this particular website for alcohol purchases.

Despite its seemingly legitimate appearance, Lisa Paige of Pittsburgh and Lyle Wood of Pittsburgh, among others, expressed reservations. “It looks legit. I’ll say that,” acknowledged Lisa Paige, while Lyle Wood added a cautionary note, stating, “If it sounds too good, it generally is.”

The PLCB is urging individuals to refrain from making purchases through the site. A Channel 11 investigation attempted to contact the listed number but encountered repeated “user busy” signals. Further inquiries led Channel 11’s Antoinette DelBel to the site’s purported address at 5956 Centre Ave. in Shadyside, only to discover a Fine Wine & Good Spirits store at that location, disassociating it from the One Stop Bourbons storefront.

The PLCB, managing Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores, emphasized no affiliation with Caitlin Driscoll, Public Relations Director for BBB of Western PA, stated, “They’re essentially impersonating someone else.” The Better Business Bureau assigned the business an F rating following 20 complaints reporting non-delivery of orders, with some customers losing over $300.

Detailed scrutiny of the website revealed red flags, including discrepancies in the “About Us” section and malfunctioning links. Driscoll advised consumers to be vigilant, pointing out broken links, such as the non-functional Instagram icon. “If you try to click on the website’s Instagram icon, it’s actually a broken link,” she warned. “Does the information listed make any sense?”

Amidst the surge in online shopping, especially during the holidays, Driscoll emphasized the importance of research. “If a phone number is listed, try to call it,” she advised. “If an email address is provided, send an email. Look for a physical location for the company and do a search on Google Maps.”

For those duped by the fraudulent business, the BBB suggested potential recourse through credit card companies. Consumers could file disputes and request refunds for orders paid with credit cards.

Report by Antoinette DelBel, WPXI-TV

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